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Empowering communities through ocean technology


Fish 'N Fins TV

We're building and deploying  live-streaming underwater cameras in 2025. Support us by supporting our upcoming crowd-funding campaign. 

Deep Sea Monitoring and Exploration

Our team is working with local fishers, yachting and cruising communities to deploy deep-sea cameras, sensors, and eDNA samplers to better understand and explore the biodiversity of the deep sea.

Montserrat Marine Megafauna Project

The research goals are to identify the presence and diversity of megafauna and establish baseline data to inform local marine management in Montserrat.

Who we are

Fish 'N Fins Inc. is a black woman-owned non-profit committed to building a more equitable blue economy through marine conservation. We collaborate with nonprofit, private, and government clients globally to design and implement  conservation initatives and ocean-climate solutions. Our community-led approach involves providing immersive field school opportunities, co-designing affordable technology for data collection, data visualization and more. We prioritize creating culturally relevant comunication products through our story lab, specificially tailored for small-scale fishing communities, yatch enthusiasts and cruisers.  Join us in building local capacity and empowering communities to engage in STEM and marine resource management.

Our Mission

Modernizing how ocean data is collected and shared. Our type of data collection and information sharing means Black communities can contribute to global knowledge about the topics and places they care about and know best.


Training and Co-creation with Small-Scale Fishers. Too often conservation happens in silo and our local fishers are disconnected. We believe in involving those directly impacted by and invested in our global 30x30 goals. 


Equity and social justice are at the heart of the science we need for the Ocean we want. We are commited to strengthening local capacity, cultivating talent and leadership.


See what we sea


Megafauna Species
(sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, whales)


Environmental DNA Samples


Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVS) Deployed



Our Impact continues...

"I highly recommend partnering, collaborating, and funding Fish 'N Fins as time, effort, and money well spent. And I commend Ms. Veta Wade for her continued ocean conservation leadership."

Dr. Ayana E. Johnson

Co-founder Urban Ocean Lab, Co-founder The All We Can Save Project, & Co-creator How to Save a Planet


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