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Our Projects

Our projects create a powerful blend of modern and traditional biodiversity monitoring methods, catalyzing accelerated action during this Ocean Decade. We harness the potential of affordable, open-source technology to drive these initiatives forward. By addressing critical issues in localizing marine conservation, promoting science literacy, and implementing equitable marine management approaches, we strive for effective and sustainable solutions.

We actively engage communities, encouraging their involvement in finding creative, culturally relevant, and socially inclusive ways to contribute to these solutions. We aim to foster greater participation from marginalized communities in science and exploration.

With your support, we can make significant progress in safeguarding our oceans, ensuring the sustainability of fisheries, and nurturing STEM engagement within the community, local schools, and even the tourism sector.  Together, we can create a brighter future for our marine ecosystems.

Fish ‘N Fins  Live

We're building and deploying  live-streaming underwater cameras in 2025. Support us by supporting our upcoming crowd-funding campaign.

The In-Water Turtle
Monitoring program

Using community science to gather data to inform sea turtle conservation in Montserrat and Antigua and Barbuda. 


Montserrat Marine Megafauna Project

The research goals are to identify the presence and diversity of megafauna and establish baseline data to inform local marine management in Montserrat, while building capacity for deepsea science and exploration


We are engaged in a testing and machine-learning effort at Ocean Vision AI. This open-source software project leverages machine learning to autonomously detect and classify species present in underwater video recordings.


Check out Fathomverse, a mobile game designed to inspire a new wave of ocean explorers and improve AI for ocean life.



Our school and community program

Participants are actively engaged in constructing, deploying and monitoring our remote underwater video systems.. This practical experience allows them to develop a wide range of skills, from technical proficiency to effective communication and teamwork. Unlike typical community  clubs, our program aims to build ocean and scientific literacy via experiential learning and edVEnture.

Where we began....

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