Mission: To empower and unite Caribbean youth in creating and sharing solutions that will safeguard the future of 'our ocean', grow our blue economy and build climate resilience.

Engagement Areas:

1.     Leadership Skills

2.     Marine Awareness 

3.     Marine Protected Areas

4.     Blue Internship Placements

5.     Citizen Science

6.     Ocean Advocacy

7.     Blue Innovation

8.     Zero Waste Lifestyles

9.     Climate Resilience


Name: Guvinda Hemraj

Age: 20

What I love about the ocean is how vast it is and the mysteries that it holds. I want to gain more knowledge of the ocean, learn how to protect it and raise awareness as well as building my physical endurance and strengthen my swimming. I feel passionate about the ocean and the animals that live in it. I want to protect them and all our natural elements. I have a personal interest in the ocean and I want to find out the mysteries that hides under the waters.

Name: Grace Owen

Age: 15

I have always had a passion for the wonders of the ocean. I want to help change the way that the ocean I love, is being treated and to help find ways of how we can preserve it. The goal I wish to accomplish is the refusal of plastic and styrofoam in schools and to also enhance my knowledge of the ocean. I am passionate about the fishing in Montserrat and also the species that live here, such as; turtles, sharks and southern rays. I have experiences in diving and swimming, which is one of my greatest strengths, and these things have helped to widen my vision and see the bigger picture.

Name: Quincy Hillock

Age: 12

I am fascinated by every thing about marine life. What fascinates me about the ocean is the diversity of the fish, crustaceans, corals, and all that is under water. I like to be in the  big crashing waves even though it is sometimes dangerous. Fish 'N Fins teaches us many things about our marine environment, and how to be safe in the water. I have learnt how to be safe if my kayak capsizes, which fish to steer clear of, and the different corals that can be found in different sections of Little Bay Beach. Sometimes when we dive, I like to dive down and try to walk on the sand. It looks like sand dunes in a desert. I really enjoy swimming around the coral reefs observing all the different fish. I learn something new every time, and it is never boring. I would like to be a marine biologist and spend as much time as possible in the sea. My training at Fish 'N Fins will be really helpful for my future.

Name: Imani Golden

Age: 17

I love the marine life and the corals that live in the ocean. I wish to further my education and interest in marine life and be more aware of life under the sea. Being a good friend and helping others are personal qualities I like in others and I respect anyone who has the confidence to lead and is serious in their craft. I am passionate about crochet and dancing, however, I also have an interest in spreading the word to others about the importance of marine life.

Name: Matthew Owen

Age: 13

What I love about the ocean is that there are so many things in it and how they all live naturally together. I’ve always loved the ocean and one of my passions is trying to stop overfishing. I would like to take part in global events, meet people and learn new things. An area of personal growth for me would be my diving skills. One of the qualities I like in people is their resilience to keep helping the ocean and this is one way in how I can help the ocean as well.

Name: Donnique Ben

Age: 12

I joined this program to learn as much as possible about the ocean. I want to be more confident in the sea and being a stronger swimmer. I am passionate about preserving the ocean for future generations and enjoying nature at its best is one of the things I like about the outdoors. I want to help the ocean by leading by example, like refusing straws, plastic and foil paper. Helping others is one of the my greatest strengths and nothing keeps me from doing my best.

Name: Ashneil Jeffers

Age: 21

As a youth climate activist I have  participated in multiple conversation projects including the launch of CARICOM Regional Energy Month on Montserrat in 2018. I am  also an advanced open water eco diver. My volunteer work with Fish 'N Fins includes representing our NGO on board this years Peaceboat. Through, taking part in this Climate Youth Ambassador program, I look forward to empowering fellow youths to use their confidence to better themselves and fight for their sustainable goals.

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