Mission: To empower and unite Caribbean youth in creating and sharing solutions that will safeguard the future of 'our ocean', grow our blue economy, and build climate resilience.

Engagement Areas:

1.     Leadership Skills

2.     Marine Awareness 

3.     Marine Protected Areas

4.     Blue Internship Placements

5.     Citizen Science

6.     Ocean Advocacy

7.     Blue Innovation

8.     Zero Waste Lifestyles

9.     Climate Resilience

Minimum Age: 11

2022 applications
now open!
(Our new program begins in 2022!)

Theme: The Caribbean Blue Economy, focused on ocean technology and smarter tourism.

Ocean Leaders will make up the Fish 'N Fins Inc. Youth Executive Board.
Perks of becoming an Ocean Leader

·       Learn cooperative leadership skills
·       Create new opportunities to inspire others to love the ocean
·       Digitally connect with other YEB members ( regionally and globally) /ocean leaders 
·       Build your resume and/or college application (considered extracurricular activity) 
·       Build friendships that could last a lifetime!
·       Collaborate with other like-minded young people in the region and across the globe.
·       Letter of Recommendation from Fish 'n Fins Inc. at the completion of service


Ocean Leaders Bonus Package includes custom t-shirt, reusable bag, personalized certificate,  stickers, and reusable water bottle.

Requirements to participate:

Borderline obsessed with the ocean! (in a good way of course)

·       Must be currently enrolled in secondary school or college courses while serving on the board.
·       Commit to 1 full calendar year of active service.
·       Attend bi-monthly conference calls with Fish 'n Fins  Staff and other YEB members and collaborators.
·       Participate in at least one  Fish 'n Fins Ocean Holiday Camp.
·       Plan and execute at least 1 service project (i.e. beach clean-up, waterway clean-up, campaign, mural painting, in-school presentation)..

•    A Pledge to refuse plastic. 
•    Organise a Blue Event at College/ School/Community
•    Organise / Participate in a cleanup event in the community 
•    Commit to 1 full calendar year of active service
•    Support at least one Fish 'n Fins Inc. Official Event
•    Organise an Ocean Awareness Day using information learned. 

This day could be a part of a larger education campaign that spreads awareness through school/community

Ocean Leaders will make up the Fish 'n Fins Inc. Youth Executive Board.


Join our Ocean Leaders Team, and become a Blue Champion!

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