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Fish 'N Fins providing practical ways to become blue champions is just the beginning. Stay Tuned!

Our oceans are threatened by pollution, overfishing, and climate change. Even though the ocean covers

approximately 70 percent of our planet, less than eight percent is protected. People protect what they

care about. Therefore, at Fish ' N Fins our aim is to train the next generation of ocean champions.

And this summer, we did just that!

Video: Fish 'N Fins Camp Water Safety Day

Our week-long Shark Camp focused on teaching our children about how to stay safe in and out of the

water, the importance of sharks to our blue economy, and what we can do to protect them! But don’t just take our word for it. Lexi Simpson learned how to appreciate the sharks that are a part of our Caribbean lifestyle! You see,

for us in Montserrat, the ocean is more than just a tourist attraction, it’s our way of life.

Sharks are feared and hunted, because they are misunderstood. But by raising the next generation to

appreciate these majestic animals, we can help shape a future where they will always have advocates. Jillian Morris, CEO of Sharks4Kids did a great job teaching us about the different species of sharks, fun facts and personal stories of what it is like to work as a shark scientist.

` Photo: Virtual Session with Jillian Morris of Sharks4Kids

Photo: Fish 'N Finers get Shark Tagging Certificates

But this summer camp wouldn’t have been able to happen without the help of all our wonderful sponsors and backers - Gwendoline & Charles Bramble, Kate Ambler, Elinor Schiele & Ashok's Supermarket. Thank you to Ministry of Housing Agriculture Lands and Environment for our awesome reusable bags and co-sponsorship of this event! Our water safety sessions were supported by the Montserrat Red Cross - Search & Rescue Representative Mr. Kirk Kentish who joined us to lead CPR training! It takes a village to raise a child, and our ‘village’ certainly came through for all of us!

But we aren’t done yet! This is just the beginning of all of the fantastic camps and events that we hope to continue bringing!

Don’t believe us? Just stay tuned! 2022 promises to be our best year yet!

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