Fish 'N Fins Ocean Leadership Program Empowering Local Youth

Fish 'N Fins Ocean Leadership Program kicked off in January 2019, empowering 10 existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action in protecting our ocean backyard.

From understanding microplastic pollution to learning the ropes of digital media, our partners will empower our youth with tools needed to safeguard the future of ‘our ocean’ and build climate resilience, and a blue economy.

The program offers leadership skills, marine awareness, blue internship placements, citizen science, ocean advocacy and blue innovation over a period of one year.

Ocean Leaders will also make up the Fish 'N Fins Youth Executive Board,

Founder and Director of Fish 'N Fins, Veta Wade, explains how this program came about; "I see many international opportunities for our budding youth leaders to participate in Ocean leadership programs, conferences and work experience that will undoubtedly expand them as individuals and leaders in our community. However, what would help their application is being able to document their achievements and interest in this area. Fish ‘N Fins Ocean Leadership program now provides this platform.

Over the past 4 years, I have been impressed by our youth, their understanding of the issues facing our ocean, such as climate change, plastic pollution and conservation. However, a recurring question from them, has been how can we help, what can we do ? I believe the answer lies in mentorship and exposure, so I have committed to starting this program. Fish ‘N Fins has been fortunate to connect with collaborators and alumni from around the world, ranging from fishermen, divers, sailors, marine biologists, and conservationists. I believe this puts us in a strong position to support our teens in making a difference in our world, and becoming more conscious and aware global citizens.

The ocean leaders year long commitment will not be without its perks. Teens will learn cooperative leadership skills, create new opportunities to inspire others to love the ocean, digitally connect with Fish 'N Fins Youth Ambassadors and international ocean leaders. The program will also allow teens to build resume and or college applications, as it can be considered as extra curricular activities. Friendships built on this program will undoubtedly last a lifetime. On completion of 1 years’ service, under the Youth Executive Board, students will receive letters of recommendation and cool merchandise."

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