Fish 'N Fins Sunday Club begins its 2019 Program

Our Sunday kids club members learn to swim at sea. Starting from total beginners, with the support and encouragement of our volunteer instructors and assistants, 7-14 year olds learn to swim, moving through the stages from Shrimps right up to Reef Patrollers. Shrimps can fully duck head under the water and can float with help Reef Patrollers can swim 150 meters snorkel, duck dive, begin learning to identify fishes, coral and other sea creatures. Reef Patrollers are our ocean stewards, who regularly patrol the reef around Montserrat for invasive species, or other possible threats to the reef. Each week they participate in ocean clean ups and qualify to be junior assistants. For information on how you can sponsor a child to swim with Fish 'N Fins visit our website page.

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