The Caribbean Sea has been listed as one of the areas most seriously damaged by human activity. Pollution, over fishing and climate change are the main contributing factors, causing damage to marine ecosystems in the waters around the region.

Rising global temperatures are threatening our most valuable natural asset, our coral reefs, our livelihoods, our homes, and our very existence on this planet. Yet, not enough of our communities, and policy makers fully grasp the critical age that we are in. How many of us know that over 70% of the air we breathe comes from our ocean?

Our Blue Leadership Program aims to bridge this gap by piloting an inter Caribbean ocean leadership program. We will engage our young people, in understanding the threats faced by the Caribbean Sea, and more widely ‘our ocean’. Blue Leaders across the globe will empower youth to engage in community awareness, idea design, citizen science, research and advocacy. Our program will provide the opportunities for today’s leaders in ocean conservation and climate action to work with and inspire the leaders of tomorrow!

At Fish 'N Fins & AQUA Montserrat we share in a blue vision, for our young explorers, scientists, entrepreneurs and creatives.

Fish 'N Fins Founder, Veta Wade

‘’Our youth must be supported in understanding the real environmental challenges we face, and be engaged in the planning and implementation of solutions. Afterall, it is they who will be left to take on the climate monster we have all created. It is no longer sufficient to work in isolation on our individual islands; it is time for regional unity in building resilence.

I would encourage all environmentally conscious youth to apply, as this would be an ideal extra curricular /community engagement project for resume and portfolio building. Grab your masks, let’s dive in!’’ Veta Wade

Grab your gear...


This October 2018, Fish N Fins in collaboration with AQUA Montserrat is proud to introduce the ‘Blue Leaders Program.’ Blue Leaders is a youth empowerment program for 13-18 year olds.

Vision: Empowering Caribbean Youth in Ocean Conservation and Climate Action.

Mission: To empower and unite Caribbean youth in creating and sharing solutions that will safeguard the future of the Caribbean Sea & grow our blue economy.

Engagement Areas:

  1. Leadership skills from leading professionals in advocacy, marine conservation, biology and governance.

  2. Marine Awareness – Life on the EDGE & Our Solutions

  3. Marine Protected Areas

  4. Blue Internship Placements

  5. Citizen Science

  6. Ocean Advocacy

  7. Blue Innovation

  8. Zero Waste Lifestyles

Blue Leaders will make up the Fish 'N Fins Youth Executive Board.

Perks of becoming a Youth Executive Board Member

  • Learn cooperative leadership skills

  • Create new opportunities to inspire others to love the ocean

  • Digitally connect with other YEB members ( regionally and globally) /ocean leaders

  • Build your resume and/or college application (considered extracurricular activity)

  • Build friendships that could last a lifetime!

  • Collaborate with other like-minded young people in the region and across the globe.

  • Letter of Recommendation from Fish N Fins Inc. at completion of service Blue Leaders Bonus Package! (includes custom Fish N Fins t-shirt, reusable bag, personalized certificate, stickers and reusable water bottle)

Requirements to participate:

  • Borderline obsessed with the ocean! (in a good way of course)

  • Must be currently enrolled in secondary school or college courses while serving on the board.

  • Commit to 1 full calendar year of active service.

  • Attend monthly conference calls with Fish N Fins Team and other YEB members and collaborators.

  • Participate in at least one Fish n Fins SeaCamp.

  • Plan and execute at least 1 Fish N Fins service project (i.e. beach clean-up, waterway clean-up, campaign, mural painting, in-school presentation) in your current location.

  • If under 18 years old, you must have parent/guardian permission to participate To apply please email: for an application form. Open to youth between 13-18 across the Caribbean.

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