Fish 'N Fins Feature at Biodiversity Exhibition 2018

We had a lot of fun on Friday June 8th, at the Montserrat National Trust Biodiversity Exhibition, with steel pan music, tasty snacks and friends. The exhibition launched Montserrat National Treasures Ocean Fund to support future marine management on island. This vehicle will serve to collect donations as well as fees and fines associated with fisheries & ocean management.

Fish ‘N Finers had a stall highlighting their efforts on raising awareness on marine debris on island. The stall included natural and manmade debris items which the children removed from beaches and reefs across the island; at times freediving up to 15 feet, to save a piece of coral from a plastic bag.

Reef Patroller, 12 year old Quincy Hillocks was the exhibition assistant of the day, assisting with the setup and hosting of the stall. He also confidently spoke to guests about the various items on display throughout the evening.

Also, on display were the children's colourful artwork, handpainted onto recycled cardboard, including a turtle, tropical fish and seahorses. These pieces were created on a Fish 'N Fins Family Day in March this year. Junior Assistant & Reef Patroller, 13 year old Grace Owen, was the creative mind behind the Exhibition Poster, 'Revolution Against Pollution', (this years program theme), depicting the contrast of live on the reef today. On the poster, a group of happy fish swim along in healthy seas, whilst those living amongst, plastic bags, straws, styrofoam, snack bags and plastic water bottles, appear visibly sick. The exhibition stall and messaging serves as a reminder to the public, that thoughtless disposal of rubbish has a direct impact on our beaches, marine life, and even human health. Fish N Finers appeal to the public to 'take your rubbish with you when you visit the beach.'

We are also proud to be featured in the main gallery exhibition with a collage image of our work in Barbuda and Montserrat.

The exhibition runs from June 8th to August 3rd. We encourage everyone to explore what makes Montserrat a National Treasure, and while at it, don't forget to leave your donation to the MNT Ocean Fund!

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