AQUA Blue is an all inclusive volunteer holiday package. It is aimed at assisting in building capacity, to undertake the work needed to teach our kids to swim, educate our locals and visiting children on how they can play a part in preserving our ocean now and in the future.

Do you fit our criteria and why do we need you?

We rely on our volunteers to fund the work that we do. Volunteers are welcome from a range of backgrounds, such as pro / recreational freedivers, (some may be completely new to diving), swim instructors, marine ecologists and conservationists, lifeguards, outdoor educators, underwater photographers or videographers.

How you benefit ?

We train all of our volunteers to snorkel and freedive*, and then spend 2 weeks teaching them how to identify our key marine species , learn about our culture and assist in delivering community outreach programs specifically aimed at our island's youth. Once they have passed all of the tests they join our AQUA team patrolling our coral reef, identifying and removing marine debris and invasive species like Lionfish, and supporting on our popular ocean kids club, Fish N Fins!

Safety/ Environmental Policy - Lionfish

Volunteers are not allowed to capture lionfish or prepare lionfish until we deem them to be competent hunters ( if that is their chosen area of interest ). Once they have received all of the training most volunteers are very proficient.

How we give back ?

Our work would not be possible without volunteers’ assistance. Profits are pumped back into the business and used to fund a range of projects /events such as free scholarships for the local children to learn to swim snorkel and protect our ocean.

What you can do in your off days?

Whilst our projects are super fun they are also hard work so one or two days/evenings a week are dedicated to relaxing and enjoying karaoke or dancing at the local bars and clubs. You will also explore the island with locals and learn of our history, visit our buried city and meet some icons in our community. Included are also guided nature hikes, ATV adventures, scuba diving, off the grid island tours plus more.

This is truly to best way to experience Montserrat, whilst making a difference! No other package will see you as immersed in our island life as this! Minimum stay 3 weeks.

If you have any further questions or want to know more about the work or services we offer please do contact me on

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