Sponsor A Child for Fish 'N Fins And Support Youth Empowerment

After another busy ocean summer and a short break in between, Fish 'N Fins reopens, this Sunday, 4th September; and is giving everyone a chance to join the aqua movement, and Sponsor a Child. Fish 'N Fins 'Sponsor a Child', initiative allows you the chance to sponsor a child now for as little $10 US per week or $25 EC.

Private individuals or businesses can sponsor a child (or children) of their choosing by visiting the Fish 'N Fins Scholarships Page, and paying for the chosen time period via paypal online or in case directly at the Little Bay, Clubhouse.

Families wishing to benefit from these scholarships are asked to complete the scholarship application form online explaining your reason for applying for a scholarship, emphasizing your current financial situation, hardship, or how this program might benefit the child.

Scholarships are available for all Fish 'N Fins progams, including holiday camps and the Sunday Kids Club. Payments could be one off or repeated monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly.

So far, two local children have benefited from the scholarship program.

Thirteen year old Everton and seven year old Jamieson Leanord; sponsored by Mrs. Margaret White, a Montserratian living in the USA. As a result of Margaret's sponsorship, the brothers were able to enjoy one month's membership to Fish 'N Fins in July.

Everton with friends at Fish 'N Fins Kids Ocean Club

( Photo: Everton with friends at Fish 'N Fins )

Everton as Grillmaster

( photo: Everton as Grillmaster, at Fish 'n Fins Camp)

Everton being shown how to fly a kite at Little Bay

( Photo: Everton being shown how to fly a kite at Little Bay)

When asked about his experiences with Fish 'N Fins Jamie said, "I love learning to swim and dive." Jamie continued, " I have learned about keeping garbage off of the beach so that the fish can live. " Everton also likes swimming and says he has learned the butterfly stroke and the front crawl.

The boys' mother, Heather Leonard said she loves the way Jamie has gone from being too scared to go in the water to loving it. Heather expressed, "I want my children to know how to swim, it is an important life skill that you never know when you may need."

Everton wrapped his first bandage perfectly at First Aid Training Day

( Photo: Everton having completed a perfect bandage at Fish N Fins First Aid Training Day with Montserrat Red Cross.)

Veta Wade, Founder / Director of Fish 'N Fins commented, "these testimonials highlight the value in the Fish 'N Fins program. The program is making a real difference in our children's lives, teaching them ocean awareness, sea safety and a plethora of transferable life skills. We want these opportunities to be made available to as many of our children as possible irrespective of social background or financial means. We are constantly looking at creative ways by which we can make this possible and ensure the sustainability of our program. By sponsoring a child you too can be a part of this movement."

Fish 'N Fins is made possible by AQUA Montserrat, who subsidizes this program. For further information please email neilson@aquamni.com or aquamontserrat@gmail.com

(Photo: spot Jamie in the orange lifevest on his way back from onboard Yatch Virtue & Vice - Fish 'n Fins Adventure Day )

Jamie leading the way at Hike & Snorkel trip to Rendezvous Beach

( photo: Jamie leading his group on Hike & Snorkel to Rendezvous Beach)

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