It's well known that most Caribbean children are unable to swim; a situation not just prevalent in the Caribbean but in bigger countries like USA & UK too. According to a recent study by USA Swimming, nearly 60% of African-American children between the ages of six and 16 are unable to swim, in comparison to 31% of white children. In the Caribbean this figure is likely to be above 90% . ( We are currently creating a survey to establish the current situation on Montserrat. ) Through it's ocean kids club, Fish 'N Fins is playing a pivotal role in getting our 7-14 year olds swimming on Montserrat and this is how we do it: 1. AFFORDABLE SWIM CLASSES. FISH 'N FINS offers swim classes at reduced rates of $25 EC a session from 3-5pm, on Sunday's at Little Bay. Opportunities now exist for individuals to sponsor a child or organizations to sponsor a group. 2. SMALL FUN GROUPS Teaching style plays a role too - we aim to address the needs of each individual swimmer holistically based on their background and fears. At FISH N FINS we create a welcoming, tight-knit environment of smaller groups of children as opposed to the mass approach adopted in first world countries 3. FOCUS ON SEA SAFETY Each child should be safe in and around water, and a key element of this is being able to swim a minimum of 25 metres unaided on the front and back. All FISH 'N FIN-ERS work to this goal and beyond. 4. BRIGHT, CHARISMATIC ROLE MODELS Our team consists of bright, charismatic role models, off all ages that make the sport look and feel fun 5. EDUCATION ON THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF SWIMMING We raise awareness of the benefits of swimming: it’s fun, a great way to exercise and a essential life skill to boot 6. MAKING BEACH PLAY FUN. & SAFE Our children not only love being by the water, they love being in the water too. FISH 'N FINS makes it possible for them to enjoy their playing ground safely 7. REMOVING ELITEISM FROM SWIMMING Swimming has the image of being a white / elitist sport for those who are privileged enough to have a pool at home or access to one. FISH 'N FINS is changing that. Our cultural focus also plays a key part here.

8. TEACHING THE PARENTS TOO Parents who don't know how to swim are more likely to pass on not knowing to their children. Parents can book one to one or group sessions with our friendly team at AQUA Montserrat. For more information on our FISH 'N FINS program and how you too can get involved visit, or call 496-9255 or 393-4227

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