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Framework for the Equitable Caribbean Blue Economy

Wade, V (2020)


Scientific Publication
Low-Cost, Deep-Sea Imaging and Analysis Tools for Deep-Sea Exploration: A Collaborative Design Study.

Wade, V (2020)

Reference: Bell, K. L., Chow, J. S., Hope, A., Quinzin, M. C., Cantner, K. A., Amon, D. J., Cramp, J. E., Rotjan, R. D., Kamalu, L., de Vos, A., Talma, S., Buglass, S., Wade, V., Filander, Z., Noyes, K., Lynch, M., Knight, A., Lourenço, N., Girguis, P. R., de Sousa, J.B., Blake, C., Kennedy, B.R.C., Noyes, T.J., McClain, C. R. (2022). Low-cost, deep-sea imaging and analysis tools for deep-sea exploration: A collaborative design study. Frontiers in Marine Science, 9. 

Full article:

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Coastal and Marine Governance and Livelihoods

Wade, V., McConney, P., Belmar, Y. and Granderson, A. (2022). Scoping Report on Sargassum Influxes in Montserrat. Port of Spain: Caribbean Natural Resources Institute.

Full article:


Global Industrial and Technological Trends in the Blue Economy & Policy to Promote Growth in the Caribbean.

With focus on The Bahamas, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad & Tobago


Research Assistant for Future of Fish: Blue Tourism, Fisheries and Conservation

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