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Marine Megafauna Photo-identification Database

We need your help to progress scientific research in SIDS

Credit: Dr. Adam Stinton, Montserrat

Imagine making a difference in scientific research while enjoying your Caribbean holiday​ or pursuing your personal passion. Well, now you can!

Our photo-identification database is a simple yet powerful tool that helps assess population size, understand population demographics, and track changes at a population level. But we need your help to push the boundaries of science and make important discoveries for the oceans. 

Due to funding constraints and limited resources, we can't collect all the data we need on our own. This is where you come in. If you have photos of the 6 megafauna species (sharks, rays, turtles, whales, dolphins)  from your travels around Montserrat and Antigua or if you've encountered a stranded whale along our coastlines, we want to know.

Upload your experience

Sightings:  Why does it matter? Specific images of live whales can be added to our existing catalogs for different species in the Caribbean waters of Antigua and Montserrat. These photos can help us uncover valuable insights about their migration patterns, identities, population numbers, and much more.

Strandings: Have you encountered or heard of a stranded whale on the island? Please report it to us. This information helps us understand the causes of death, the annual number of strandings, the species involved, and other important details.


Credit: Raphel White, Montserrat

For optimal analysis, please provide high-resolution images that allow us to examine small details on the whales' bodies for identification and threat analysis. While some fields in the form are mandatory, such as the location and date of the sighting, others are optional. However, the more information you can provide, the better we can push the boundaries of science and protect these amazing animals.

Once you submit the form, you'll receive a message acknowledging your contribution. If you have any questions or need assistance with data contribution or about Fish 'N Fins. please email us directly at If you experience any issues with the online submission form, you can also send your photos and information to the same email address.

Join us in making a difference for marine megafauna!

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