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Fish 'N Fins are back - Are you ready for a summer of Turtle Science and Conservation?

After a challenging period due to the pandemic, we at Fish ‘N Fins are back, stronger than before, and eager to continue our mission of protecting the ocean. The In-water Turtle Survey, taglined “Turtle Tracking 2024,” provides an exciting opportunity for individuals to join us as community champions for ocean science.

Our primary objective for this program is to pilot the Montserrat model for nurturing ocean scientists and stewards in Caribbean communities through robust citizen science.

To actively involve the community, we invite volunteers to participate in systematic surveys at four beaches - Old Road Beach, Isles Bay, Woodlands Beach, and Bunkum Bay. These sites are easily accessible with high conservation and tourism value. By snorkeling along designated transects, volunteers will collect important data on turtle species, behaviors, and interactions. This data will contribute to the Montserrat Marine Megafauna Project’s science research goals, which are to identify the presence and diversity of megafauna and establish baseline data to inform local marine management in Montserrat.

We will also deploy underwater video stations at strategic locations to enhance knowledge about sea turtle behaviors and interactions. These cameras will enable researchers to better understand sea turtle behaviors and their relationship within the surrounding habitat. The general public is invited to attend a sea turtle workshop scheduled for early July. Participants will learn about sea turtle species identification, their threats, and the use of cutting-edge ocean technology as a conservation tool. The workshop will be led by local champions for science, including local turtle expert Mr. John Jeffers.

A special thank you to everyone in the community who has worked over the years to help protect these gentle giants. We invite individuals passionate about marine conservation to join us as volunteers for this summer of “Turtle Tracking.” Interested individuals can express their availability and register to actively participate in the turtle tracking (snorkel or beach team) by emailing

“We are thrilled to launch the Turtle Tracking 2024 and extend an invitation to the community to join us in the protection of these magnificent creatures and create a pathway for our next generation to manage our marine environment effectively," said Ms. Dawn Benn, Program Coordinator for Fish ‘N Fins. Ms. Wade, Founder of Fish ‘N Fins Inc., added, "We would like to express special appreciation to the Marine Conservation Action Fund of the New England Aquarium, Boston, for funding this project and helping to bridge Fish ‘N Fins’ programming as we reactivate and reshape our on-island initiatives. By working together as a community, we can make a significant impact on the conservation of large marine animals, crucial for maintaining the health and diversity of our ocean, while at the same time, helping to move forward the Marine Turtle Action Plan for Montserrat.

For more information about the In-water Turtle Survey and how to get involved, please visit, contact Dawn Benn at +1 (664) 496-9767, or email

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