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Fish ‘N Fins is a non-profit organisation which enables Caribbean children to learn to swim, snorkel and protect our oceans.


Conservation activities include: exploring tropical marine habitats, creating ocean art, community projects, internships, sea safety skills and more.



In-depth knowledge of the island's waters

Many instructors local and/or female

Collaborations with ocean conservation experts such as The Waitt Institute & Blue Halo Montserrat

Focus on sea safety and confidence in the water

Long-term commitment to community engagement


Ensuring all interested local children within the ages of 7-14 years can safely  enjoy the ocean, regardless of social status or financial means

Alignment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals 13 &14: Climate Action and Life Below Water respectively

Creating a new generation of seaworthy Montserratians & Caribbean nationals

Providing the necessary foundations for swimming and conservation careers

Developing healthy lifestyle habits

Inspiring ocean awareness and preservation

Nurturing the next generation to play an active part in the long term management of our ocean resources

Creating a future workforce for watersports and eco-adventure companies, necessary for long term private sector development and tourism

Increasing representation of swimmers of colour





Veta is a passionate ocean advocate and outreach specialist, experienced in educating youth via empowerment, and adventure. Through her outreach work Veta has been able to engage the community and volunteers of all ages and abilities in embracing marine conservation and ocean confidence. To date she has engaged over 1,000 children via Fish 'N Fins' programs.

''My goal is not only to educate and increase Caribbean youth awareness about the marine life, but also to immerse them and inspire them to be passionate ocean leaders. Together, we must all understand the challenges we face, and be a part of the solutions.

As a SIDS (Small Island Developing State) national, I live at the front line of climate change, and I can clearly see that a key part of building our resilience rests on educating our youth. We’ve got work to do, and I look forward to the adventure of doing it together.'' Veta Wade.


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